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Ivan Teoh

Something personal yet public

Cooking: Gnocchi with Pesto

Oh. We know the dish does not looked like gnocchi. It is our first time to make them. We spent around two hours to make both pesto and gnocchi. We made the pesto first. We believed we were overdosing the cheese making the pesto very think to blend in our low power food processor. It made us put more olive oil. At last, it turned out taste good. Next is gnocchi. Since we are so hungry, we simply cut the pasta into big square shape. After boiling, it turned even bigger. In the end, it was a good experience. The recipe was from our favourite food blog, King Arthur Flour - Baking Banter. Our mouth still full of garlic smell, even after cleaning our teeth and mouth washing with mouth rinse. We were still deciding whether we should go out after this. We don't want to scary away people with our garlic smell. We guess tonight is not a good night to make this dish.


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