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Ivan Teoh

Something personal yet public

Cooking Scrapbook: DoesCook

A new site, DoesCook, is borned due to my passion of cooking. Originally, I was using Python web framework, Django, to create the cooking site. Later, I decided to use Django CMS [1], Mezzanine, to ease my life. Then I realised I don't need CMS to manage this small cooking site. So I used static site generator, Nikola, for the cooking site and also this site. Once I finally the tool to create the site, I can concentrate more on the content. My previous post was more then a year ago. I should write more. Just 2013 was a busy year at work. Hopefully I will write more often in the future. If you come to this site for food, please visit my new site, DoesCook. Hope you enjoy the sites.

[1] Content Management System.


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