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Ivan Teoh

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Setup WordPress Account on ScribeFire

Before using desktop blogging client, such as ScribeFire, two things need to be done in WordPress:

  • Enable XML-RPC at Settings > Writting.
  • Add author user at Users > Authors & Users. I will use this user mainly for writing blog through ScribeFire.

Before start writing blog through ScribeFire, I need to setup my blog account as the steps below:

  • Click Launch Account Wizard button.
  • Enter my blog URL. Then click Next > button.
  • Select blog system and change blog API URL. But default value looks great. I did not change anything and just click Next > button.
  • Enter author username (that was created just now) and password. Then click Next > button.
  • Confirm the blog account information. Then click Next > button.
  • Click Finish button to complete the wizard.
  • My blog title will be shown in Blogs tab.


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