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Ivan Teoh

Something personal yet public

Which Twitter Client I Choose?

I short-listed some Windows Twitter clients as below:

Seesmic v0.2.1

Shorten URL: digg snurl twurl

Picture URL: Pikchur Posterous Twitgoo TwitPic yfrog

Video URL: Seesmic Video (soon)

TweetDeck v0.26.1

Shorten URL: digg TinyURL twurl

Picture URL: TwitPic yfrog

Video URL:

Twhirl v0.9.2

Shorten URL: digg snurl twurl

Picture URL: TwitPic

Twibble v0.4.6

Shorten URL:

Picture URL: Mobypicture TwitPic

Twitcher v1.6.1

Shorten URL: digg snipr TinyURL

Picture URL: Pikchur Pixim Posterous TweetPhoto Twitgoo TwitPic TwitrPix yfrog

Currently only Seesmic and TweetDeck support editing Facebook status. It is an additional feature beside Twitter. Some said Facebook status is similar with Twitter.

Although, I find that supporting editing Facebook status feature is interesting, I still pick DestroyTwitter. As this client supports for shorten URL and TweetPhoto for picture loading in Twitter.

As both and are having more then just shorten URL. They also provide real-time tracking on the clicking links. Beside have iPhone application, Mobypicture also supports the ATOM-publishing protocol for Nokia S60. We also know that TwitPic is the most popular for twitter picture uploading. TweetPhoto have what TwitPic have plus pictures are automatically geo-tagged and an integrated URL shortening service.


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