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Ivan Teoh

Something personal yet public

Today is Malaysia National Day. I am very unproductive. Supposedly I should get some work done, including publishing this post. First of all, wishing every Malaysian, Happy National Day. Better late then never. Sorry to all my friends for not updating my site. Let's me updating you guys, what's have been going on recently. I was busy on my work with extra since one of my colleague was not in the office for two weeks. Secondly, I was busy with my new phone, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. Testing all the accessories that came with the phone, trying up all the features, uploading maps, install free application and many more. Beside that, I had been watching film and playing Facebook game. I know I am not productive at all. I also need to prepare my Toastmasters speech. I guess I had to do it tomorrow before the meeting. I have not been very actively publishing post, not to say prepare speeches. I have to do something. How can I make myself love to write post? That would be my question to think during my tonight bed time.

One year ago, we started to have this web site. Through this year, we learn a lots. And we still got a lot to learn. Though of we can do something special today, we just very busy whole day. In face today is also one of my friend's birthday. Happy birthday, Jimmy. Just a simple note. Hoping doing better in the coming years. Let's work hard and play hard together. :D

Sometime "The Project Location Is Not Trusted" dialog box do pop up, when I open sample code that downloaded from internet using Internet Explorer. The easiest way to stop this dialog box is do check "Do not show this message again". But we curious on the reason this dialog box popping up. Later, we found out that the reason is due to Alternate Data Streams (ADS) in NTFS system. There are many ways to remove ADS from the file. We think using Streams from SysInternals would be the easiest way. Command streams -s -d <folder name> will remove ADS info on all files in that folder and all the sub folders. Just one command, that dialog box won't show up again. But, before remove them, make sure all these files are safe to use.

From the name of this tool, FileAlyzer, we can guess the purpose of this tool. It is a tool to analyze files. Verify MD5 and SHA1 of a file is the feature we used most of the time. Sometime, we also check import and export table of a dynamic link library (DLL). There are others more features, such as analysis resources structures of a file. Use it is pretty simple. Just right click on a file and select "Analyze file with FileAlyzer" from the right click menu. All the info will be shown in a window similar to properties window.


Beside cleaning recycle bin, CCleaner can clean and optimize unused files for freeing up valuable hard disk space. What we like the best is that it is free and can be portable and run from USB drive. It can clean temporary file from temporary folder and major internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and many more. Registry cleaner is also one of the major feature, although I seldom use. Not just cleaning, with it, our windows will be optimize and run faster. It also protect our privacy by cleaning histories and cookies in internet browsers. For us, it is a must utility tool in our computer. What do you think?


We like UBCD for Windows. It is a free live CD that is using Windows operating systems. It is based on Bart's PE. It is useful for trouble shooting any problem that happen to our computer. Especially, whenever our computer crash or can't boot up, it is very handy. Since it is a live CD, the computer will boot up with this CD and load the Windows operating systems. It also able to see the hard disc, whether is NTFS or FAT. This cd also come with lots of useful tools for administrator works and trouble shooting the computer. I always keep it in my computer beg in case I need it. Beside this, there are lots more live CD in market. Any suggestions are welcome.

Last week I changed my laptop. SlickRun was one of the few software I would install first for my new laptop. My computer life can't live without it. It helps to execute program quickly and easily. Plus the file is small and less memory resource. Recently it just updated to support Vista and Windows 7. In the new release (v4.0.2.1), it allows us to keep quick short notes, which is called Jot. Fun. It is also keep in your USB drive with some trick, refer to the online help to make it portable. Drop us a comment if you would like to recommend other free command line utilities.


Back to daily life in Penang. Unpack all my bags, although not many. Back to work, although from home. Self quarantine for 7 days is good due to considering other colleagues' feedback. May be my life in Penang is not as excited as in Beijing. I will still keep up with any news I love to share with all of you. This weekend, I will start my sport activities, such as swimming, hiking or jogging.

Non WordPress site, here, means web site that does not use WordPress framework, for example, Napoletana Pizza. With WordPress framework, we can use WordPress plugin, Google XML Sitemaps. For non WordPress site, we can either manual create a Sitemap or using Sitemap generator.

Personal point of view, we think Google's new open source Google Sitemap Generator is complex. We faced a difficulty to install it in share hosts server, in my case, DreamHost. Anyone know the way, please let me know in comments. So, for now, I will uses Google's previous Sitemap Generators. It is python script that generate Sitemap using the Sitemap protocol. There aren't many info on how to use this script. Whatever I can find are listed as below. I tested it. It works. I also create a cron job to run this script daily.