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Ivan Teoh

Something personal yet public

A banneton is a type of basket used to provide structure for shaped loaves of bread during proofing. Banneton baskets are also known as Brotform or proofing baskets. It is normally used for doughs that are too soft or wet to maintain their shape while rising. Proofing baskets are distinct from loaf pans in that the bread is normally removed from these baskets before baking. Conventionally, these baskets are made out of wicker, but some modern proofing baskets are made out of silicone or plastic. A banneton will sometimes have a cloth liner to prevent dough from sticking to the sides of the basket. Bannetons become more non-stick with use as a small amount of flour accumulates in them. These baskets are used both to provide the loaf with shape and to wick moisture from the crust. Bannetons come in round or oblong shapes.

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Finally, we commited ourselves making hot cross bun on Easter 2016. First time making them. We believed the dough need more kneading as the texture is a bit dense. My modified recipe need improvement.


A terrine most commonly refers to a French forcemeat loaf similar to a pâté, made with more coarsely chopped ingredients. Terrines are usually served cold or at room temperature. Most terrines contain a large amount of fat as well as pork, although it is often not the main ingredient: Many terrines are made with typical French game meat, like deer and boar (which are generally not eaten any other way in France).

Terrine (food) - Wikipedia