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Ivan Teoh

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ivan teoh

Hi, My name is TEOH Te Hin. You can call me Ivan or 艾文. I am a software developer, web designer, blogger, twitter'er, wordpress'er, swimmer, net surfer, toastmasters member, photographer, baker and dancer. Yeah, I know. It is a lot. I must find out which one is really interest me.

Why I want to have this website? Many reasons. Knowledge sharing. Improving my writing skills. Same said I am geeky. Someone commented that my conversation is very boring, annoying and unattractive. No charisma in me. Too stiff when I am dancing. Too soft when I am walking. Response too slow when I am playing badminton. My writing is full of nouns and verbs. Vocabulary of adjective is limited. I stop complaining about me. Less talk, more action. I will keep improving in life. Ready to face more challenge in my life.

If this site is not enough, you can know more about me at the links below:

google twitter linkedin facebook github keybase

How to reach me? contact [at] ivanteoh (dot) com. My miniLock ID is 2ETzids8Yg3izvu5DxZkjeeYrkkupui7Q5TukbQjN3wojq

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