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Ivan Teoh

Something personal yet public

I completed my first WordPress theme. It is a very basic theme. After done with all the contents in the WordPress theme, I inserted all the divisions that need for styling. In general, the pages consist a common layout which is as below:

70-theme.html (Source)

    <div id="wrapper">
        <!-- #header -->
        <div id="header">Blog Title</div>
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        <div id="navmenu">Page List</div>
        <div id="main">
        <!-- end header -->
            <div id="container">
                <div id="content">
                    <!-- .entry-title -->
                    <div class="entry-title">Post Title</div>
                    <!-- .entry-content -->
                    <div class="entry-content">Post</div>
                    <!-- .entry-meta -->
                    <div class="entry-meta">Meta Info</div>
                    <div id="comments">
                        <!-- #comments-list -->
                        <div id="comments-list">Comments</div>
                        <div id="respond">
                            <!-- #formcontainer -->
                            <div id="formcontainer">Reply Form</div>
                        </div><!-- #respond -->
                    </div><!-- #comments -->
                </div><!-- #content -->
            </div><!-- #container -->
            <!-- begin sidebar -->
            <div id="sidebar">Sidebar</div><!-- #sidebar -->
            <!-- end sidebar -->
        <!-- begin footer -->
        </div><!-- #main -->
        <div id="footer">
        </div><!-- #footer -->
    </div><!-- #wrapper -->

It was a fun trip. On that day, I waked up very early. As they were picking me up at 6.30am. The cherry farm located at the outskirts of beijing. After reaching there around closed to 8am, we started to pick some cherries. Due to the cherry tree's height, we have to climb ladder most of the time for reaching the cherries. After that, we also visited their cow farm and other fruits farm. We had lunch near by before heading home. It is a great experience for me.

I just bought a sling bag on 16th of May. After two weeks, I saw a girl walking in font of me while I was rushing for meeting up my friends on a badminton game. She was carrying something that catch my attention. Gosh, a tote bag with same bag pattern with my sling bag. I am a bit a shy and walk slowly, having a distance away from her, dare not over take her. As I were carrying the sling bag too. Beijing is a huge city and this situation still occurred. Luckily, it is not exactly the same bag.

Yesterday, My co workers and I were having dinner at Oak Chateau, in front of our apartment, Oakwood Resident Beijing. The environment was good. Food was good too. Unfortunately the time we wait for the food was really long. Around eight plus, we reached the restaurant. We finished the dinner around ten o'clock. I believe the waiter was trained to be a bartender, as the dessert was served before the main course. Overall, it is a nice restaurant, due to the quality of the food.

I took these shots on the way home in a bus on 22 May, 2009. It happened one block from my office in Beijing. I believe the casualties were sent to hospital when I saw it. As you can see from the shots, the policemen are controlling the situation. I hope no one was seriously hurt.

I read a very interesting article on new Yahoo! currency converter that supporting screen reader users. Screen reader users are people that are blind, visually impaired, or learning disabled. When a web site supporting screen reader users, they able to understand the web site correctly. As web developer, I plan to study and apply it to those projects that need it.

This scene is very common in Beijing. There are lots of dog's lover. It was not a good picture. But I just like it. Taking this shot for remembering dog is always man's best friend.

What I like in China, not just in Beijing, I can see lots of nice motto, such as this one (远离烟草,崇尚健康,爱护环境). It means 'away from tobacco; promote healthy lifestyle; care for environment'. Hmm. I believe everyone should start doing it now including me. He He. Tonight, I should eat more healthy food and reduce clubbing activities.

I regret for not bring my sling bag to Beijing. I need a bag to keep my umbrella, a bottle of water and a camera. I am thinking for getting a new one here. Where to get it? After a morning walk around the area near my apartment, I saw a new shop called "Faya Sports Factory Store" near Chao Yang park. I went in and look around what they have. Hmm. There are some nice bags with reasonable price. I don't know which one is good. Hence, I need to seek professional advise. After lunch, I came back to the shop again and bring along Shawn. After commenting and discussion, I decided to get this Nike sling bag with less than RMB200. Now I got new bag that carried all my daily stuff. The morning walk is worth it.