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Ivan Teoh

Something personal yet public

On adding image using ScribeFire, which one I should use? API or FTP? I use API for WordPress. Below are the steps:

  • Click Add an Image menu button for adding image on the blog.
  • On Insert Image dialog, click Browse button to select the image from the PC.
  • Click API button for using API method to upload the image on the blog.
  • Wait Uploading process complete before continue writing the blog.

All the image will place inside Media Library in WordPress.

Before using desktop blogging client, such as ScribeFire, two things need to be done in WordPress:

  • Enable XML-RPC at Settings > Writting.
  • Add author user at Users > Authors & Users. I will use this user mainly for writing blog through ScribeFire.

Before start writing blog through ScribeFire, I need to setup my blog account as the steps below:

  • Click Launch Account Wizard button.
  • Enter my blog URL. Then click Next > button.
  • Select blog system and change blog API URL. But default value looks great. I did not change anything and just click Next > button.
  • Enter author username (that was created just now) and password. Then click Next > button.
  • Confirm the blog account information. Then click Next > button.
  • Click Finish button to complete the wizard.
  • My blog title will be shown in Blogs tab.

Currently this site contains only weblog. But it will play a role as:

  • communication channel - sharing ideas, life experience, memories among my friends, family and you. (Main priority)
  • scrapbook - improving my writing skill.
  • web lab - improving my web development skill.
  • portfolio - telling you who am I.
  • work space - sharing some of my works that might be useful to you.
  • income stream - earning some extra pocket money.

Why not put it in a free site, such as blogger, facebook, myspace, etc? Nowadays, site creation platform, such as webon, iceberg, etc allows you to create stunning web site and application for free. Each of these free services have both pros and cons. I have been switch them from one to another. Now, I am here. Here, I will slowly transform the default WordPress to something stunning. That's my goal.

Headache. Which one I should use? WordPress vs Drupal? Basically, WordPress is for beginner like me, and Drupal is for advance web developer. WordPress is better if I want to build a weblog site. If I want to build a huge and complex site, including weblog and involved massive community, then Drupal would be a better choice. After browsing through several weblogs regarding this topic, I still decide to stick to WordPress. As I am a newbie to the web world. I will slowly transform default WordPress to something I want. Later, if there are something that I can't be done in WordPress, I will change to Drupal or something better.

Finally my weblog is up and running. Today is a special day, August 20, 2008. In short, 20.08.2008. And I want it to be up on this special day. After lots of reading and setting tuning, time to rest and home for dinner. There's still got lots of things need to be done. For now, happy blogging!