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Ivan Teoh

Something personal yet public

Last weekend, we decide to take Sydney ferries, Rivercat, to Parramatta. It was last minute decision.

The main purpose was Rivercat experience. It allowed me to see the different side of Sydney, river view from Sydney to Parramatta. Unfortunately, it was low tide on that day. The last stop is Rydalmere, the stop before Parramatta. After that, they will provide the bus service to Parramatta. It wasn't a good weather for outing as well. Very cloud. Rain was drizzling most of the trip. On the trip, we grab a new book that we recently bought, Food Shopping Guide. It tells us where can we find specific ingredients in Sydney and near by suburbs. During the way to Parramatta, we quickly browsed through the book and decided to visit two Indian stores, Himalaya Spice Centre and India Bazaar Parramatta, in Harris Park, next suburbs of Parramatta and one Polish food store, Tatra Delicatessen, in Parramatta. Surprisingly, we founds lots of India restaurants, video shop and clothing in Harris Park. Next time, we know where to go for exotic India spices and ingredients. After having north Indian food as late lunch, we continued our journey to Parramatta. Unfortunately, it almost evening. Most of the shops, included the Polish food store, were closed. Lastly, we visited the Parramatta Westfield before catching the trains back to town.

It was a pleasant to visit other city beside Sydney. I definitely want to do more in next future.

What a surprise when I arrived home today. A real Christmas tree stands in front of me and welcomes me home. While I was entering the apartment, I saw many pine needles on the floor. I wonder, which neighbour bought a Christmas tree. I noticed pine needles all the way to my apartment. A nice pungent smell once I opened the door. Richard bought a real Christmas tree. He bought it from sales at near by petrol station. Now, we need to spend some time to get some Christmas decorations. I felt the Christmas is coming soon.

Today we decided to improve our cooking skill again. After searching at Kuali site, we decide to cook Malaysian dish, Chicken in Spicy Tomato Sauce. We reduce the quantity of dried chilli to half which is 25g. We still think it is too hot for us. We think we should used 15g in the future. In this recipe, we need to get candle nut. I never heard about it till now. Luckily we managed to get it in china town. We get the rest of the ingredients in Paddy market. Anyway, the recipe is very delicious, but just a bit too spicy for us.

First of all, I would like apologies for being silent since March 2010. I was busy settling down in Australia.

I was in Hobart for the first months. Temporally, I was staying in Joel's place. The school semester won't start till July. In order to survive, I was helping my friends in MoMo Bubble Tea shop and Napoletana Pizzeria and Pasta house. While helping in the shops, I met lots of nice people in town. Anita, Daniel, just to mention a few. Through word of mouth, I aware that some of the IT companies were hiring on that time. After few interviews, I ended up working as contract software developer in Getbusi. Due to the contract, I missed the school term again. I am not sure whether I am giving myself an excuse or I just don't want to study in the first place.

Exactly first of August, I move to Sydney and tried try my luck on job hunting. Again, I got another contract programmer in Copyright Limited Agency starting 30th of August. At first, I was staying in backpacker hostel called X Base during job hunting. After I got my first job in Sydney, I slowly searched for a place to stay. End up, I am sharing a place with another house mate, Richard, in North Sydney starting first of October. Since my work place is located in CBD, I am traveling to work by bus everyday across the harbour bridge. Till now, I still can't believe I am actually living and working at down under. Well, life just continues.

Beside limited Internet access before I moved to North Sydney, the main reason, I did not update my blog is I am in the process on transfering this blog from WordPress to a blog powered by Django. Starting a new blog by Django was easy. The hardest part was the effort on transferring the database from WordPress to Django with hundred of pictures that were managed by third party WordPress plugin. The whole idea was doomed when WordPress mobile application for Nokia is developed. Personally, I felt more motivated when I am got an handy publishing tools in my Nokia 5800. Now I can post anytime anywhere. No more excuse. This does not stop me for not being self practising on Django framework. Later, I will develop a Django site that hosts all my works that I would like to share with you guys. WordPress will be my blog platform and Django framework is my works sharing tool.

Last but not least, I would like to share some of my snapshots of my life in Australia. More to come. Stay tuned. Nice weather today. Getting ready to go out soon.

Till now, I still can't sleep. Supposedly this post will be publish right before I go to airport on this evening. Since, I can't sleep now, I just finish up this post. Am I too excited? I guess partly. Am I not tired? No, I am tired. Mainly I was thinking about what should say in the farewell speech, which I haven't do it yet. And I don't think I am going to have it. I will express my feeling here.

I am not a person very good in express my feeling in words. What I do now is recalling lots of memories. What we did together? What place we went? What game we played? What jokes we share? There are many more. The more I think, the more I am going to miss you guys. I felt I am the luckiest person. I proud to have you guys appearing in my life. I appreciate our friendship and the time we spend together. It is priceless. You guys are true good friends. Thank you for being next with me whenever I need and being supportive whenever I am felt down. On the other hand, I also felt the older I get, the easier I'm loosing my temper. Here, I want to take this chance to apologize for loosing temper to you without any reason, hurting your feeling for being too straight forward, does not able to understand what you really what from me, and not being truly honest to you.

After watching 'Alice in Wonderland' on last Monday, I felt that I am The Alice. Wonderland is the place I always dream of. Awesome place and nice friends. But there are questions without answers out there. I want to discover them one by one. Leaving Wonderland is the hard decision. I will back one day.

Thanks you for all the good luck wishes and gifts: one is a precious and beautiful calligraphy; one is a hard work of finest video clip; one is a thoughtful warm sweater; one is a sincere greeting card; one is a karma bracelet from Tibet; and lots more. Because of you guys, I already got one percent of luck. Now I just need ninety-nine percent of hard work to achieve my dream. Although I can't predict the future, I believe, no matter where I go, we will meet one day.

I must get some sleep now.

Last week, I finished reading "The Journeys of Two Lao Students", a gift from John. First time as a book reviewer, I will try my best to give a brief comment on what I think about this book. I learned by reading other book reviewer in I also tried not to mention much of the book contents. I recommended for people like to know more about Lao.

The book quality is good. It used very good quality of paper. That's make the book a bit more heavy comparing to other books that have the same size. The book fulls of photos of John's adventure in Lao. He used very simple, clear and big font in the book, making the users easy to read. John used simple English through out the book to cater wider audience.

It is a biography of a person sponsored two Lao students for higher education. Beginning on how the author knowing about this sponsorship. Then the event of meeting the students. And also the life of the two students before, during and after the sponsorships. The hard work of the author and determination of the student to achieve their dreams. Now both of them had a successful career and contribute to the Laos society. This book inspired me to hard work to achieve my dream by facing lots of challenging obstacle just like the two students.

Yesterday night we decided to have our dinner at an Indian vegetarian restaurant in Georgetown. I have been there for few time. The food is lovely and delicious. The place was packed last night till the guests were asking the available of the empty chairs at our table at least five times. But we have to say no as two of our friends were late. We were hungry and ordered some snacks while waiting for them. The mango <a href="" title="">lassi</a> is delicious. We were talking about John's coming second book. He will be presenting a speech at one of the Penang Heritage Trust events that will be held on April 3rd 2010, 3pm at E & O hotel. I am going to miss his speech. Here, wish him all the best of his speech since I could not make it personally.

Yesterday was a potluck night with all my badminton buddies. Believe it or not, beside sports, they are also very talented in cooking. That night, I did not cook anything. I was just help out if they need extra hand. That night the foods were very delicious. I believe I am going to miss the taste of the Malaysian food. There are more that I am going to miss, which is badminton match. Here I want to thank for you guys' guidance on badminton skill. Hope to see you guys again and had a great sweaty match.